Each league includes:
 • Create & view transactions
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 • Post league stats and standings
 • Upload and share league files
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 • Post the league schedule
 • Map results to the schedule
 • Display your constitution
 • Show league and team logos
 • Display team history
 • Post your league history
Strat Draft
Automated Draft System
and complete league website
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League about to expire? Send a note and we'll help you renew.
How to draft 2023 players BEFORE the ratings come out.
- Strat Draft will offer ALL players appearing in the 2023 MLB season.
- Each league also can add players to that list.
- Strat draft also allows drafting of players in neither list.

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"...easily the smoothest draft I've ever been a part of...";
"Every single league member would like to see us continue to use the program.  The comments I received were VERY positive."
        -- Steve Beck, PASBA --
"Your program is the single greatest improvement to Strat leagues everywhere. My undying gratitude for making our lives so much easier at draft time."
        -- Dennis Marsh, WSBL --
"Strat Draft makes it so much easier to run our draft & I get nothing but compliments from my league.  I can't even consider having a draft without your site."
        -- Scott Leitner, IV Strat League --
"As long as drafting is done with your site, I enjoy it. Any other way is way too much trouble."
        -- Michael Murphy, Dugout Baseball --

Yes! Retro drafts are available!  Contact us for details.

Advanced enough even for salary leagues!


"Thanks again for this site. 6 years and running using [Strat Draft] and it is fantastic!"
        -- Noel Johnson, Greater American League ---
"Your service is invaluable to draft leagues everywhere."
        -- Michael McLawhorn, RENAD ---

A private CHATROOM is available for each league plus more new features!

        -- Bryan Kernal, NABL ---

"This program has saved countless hours of work and helped avoid headaches.  It is marvelous!"
        -- Michael Kaminski, GPLBB ---


You could even use Strat Draft throughout the year as your league website!

Upload your league standings and transactions.
Keep the league up-to-date throughout the year.
Everyone can keep track of rosters, draft picks, standings and transactions.

"I have to say this is incredible!  I am amazed by all the options allowed."
        -- Michael Liu, NASBL ---
"Strat Draft is awesome!!!"
        -- Larry Bellar, Net Play Tournamet ---

Strat-O-Matic Fanatics by Glenn Guzzo  Strat-O-Matic Fanatics by Glenn Guzzo
This is a great tool for draft leagues. It works easily and swiftly. It communicates eligibles and selections clearly to all. And it keeps drafts moving instead of stalling for hours."

    -- Glenn Guzzo, author
         Strat-O-Matic Fanatics
: The Unlikely Success Story of a Game that Became an American Passion
         The New Ballgame: Understanding Baseball Statistics for the Casual Fan