How to prepare your Strat Draft for 2008

When the 2008 ratings arrive here it'll hopefully be a matter of 24 hours or less before the new data will be locked and loaded in a database and ready for your use! Here's what to expect.

1) Administrators: Regardless of when you'll want to move from 2007 to 2008 do this before the switch to 2008. Do Admin Tools -> League Players -> Import/Export -> Export Standard Players.

2) Any current subscription using 2007 or the unofficial 2008 information that is NOT yet ready to move to 2008 needs to notify me now to not move you to 2008. You'll not be moved until you're ready.

3) The system will go offline for 24 hours or less to rearrange the data in the databases. Timed drafts please see the note below.

4) Those with current subscriptions, your league settings, owners settings and username/passwords will be preserved and moved. All player information (see step 5) and any completed or in progress draft information will be cleared.

5) When the data arrives I'll post an Excel spreadsheet on the first page as was done last year that will automatically change the 2007 export file (see step 1) into an import file for 2008. Players often change MLB teams and this spreadsheet should help in navigating that headache and recreating your league.


TIMED DRAFTS PLEASE NOTE: If you have an ongoing draft using time limits, notify me now and I'll make provisions to prevent Time Violations. I'll turn off the deadline option for you so when you get the system back you can resume the draft without incident. You may need to change the clock settings as appropriate to finish the round, restrart or finish the draft.