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Set the League Auction option.  There you can set the maximum number of years a contract can run as well as influence how players view longer term contracts, control sniping, control emails on new bids and mandate how much larger new bids must be.

Choose which players will be in an auction and when, along with minimum bids if desired.

Owners choose who they will bid on.

And place a bid.  The system can email everyone that a new bid has been placed, but who placed the bid is kept secret until a winner is named.  At that time the bid history is made public.


Now with eBay® Style Bidding!

You may now place eBay style bids. The system will calculate the minimum value necessary to place your bid in first place within the bounds you define. As others bid, your bid is adjusted to remain the high bid as long as it doesn’t exceed your maximum. In all cases the automatic bid placed will be for the number of years you enter in this form, only the dollars of the bid will change.

Until the bidding ends, the system keeps track of the high bid and displays it on the auction page.