Strat Draft

Upload Files

Any league member can upload a file to be shared with the league.  You can optionally have Strat Draft send an email message to the members of your league with the files uploaded as attachments.  The other fields in the "Optional:" legend can be used later to sort through all the files uploaded and available to the league.

Space Available Indicator: This indicator shows both graphically and with text how much space remains for additional files to be uploaded into your league's file space.
Files: This is the only required field on the form.  Press the browse button and choose one or more files to be uploaded into your league's file space.
Home: This field defaults to the name of the team of the person uploading the file, but can be changed to blank or any other team within the league, thus allowing a 3rd party to upload files for you.  It is great for subsets and/or result files and/or box scores.
Visitor: This field defaults to blank or any team within the league.  It is great for subsets and/or result files and/or box scores.
Purpose: As many files may be compressed or zipped before uploading, this field can record the type of files.  Even if the files are not compressed this remains a good way to aid others sorting through the uploaded files.  For example subsets or game result files can be labled as such as opposed to league backups, lzp files or other types.
Online Description: This could further aid league members when determining which file to download.
Have Strat Draft notify everyone...: Check this box to use Strat Draft to email all the members in the league about your uploaded files.
Subject: The subject line for the email being sent.  If left blank the subject line will read "File(s) uploaded to Strat draft by <your name>".
Email Text: It is optional to fill out this text.  A special editor is provided to allow formatting the email to your standards.  Regardless of whether you fill out the text the email will include the line "Attachments are included at the end of this email." Also included at the end of the email will be:
      <list of attachments>
Each file in the list is linked to the actual file online and when clicked the file is downloaded to you.