Strat Draft

Bringing Strat Planner into Strat Draft

Strat Planner is a separate product located at  You can use it either as a tool that brings player ratings directly into your draft or you could also use it to keep track of not only your team's depth and strength, but every team in the league!


Enter Strat Planner's username/password in Strat Draft
Enter your Strat Planner username and password in the appropriate boxes on the Profile page of Strat Draft.  Your Strat Draft username/password along with the information you enter here must match your Strat Planner account or the feature won't work.  After you enter this information you'll need to enter some information in your Strat Planner account so these accounts can work together.

Enter Strat Planner league in Strat Draft

Strat Planner's Options, Profile->My leagues
Strat Planner ( can track up to three leagues in each user's account including retro years. Strat Planner allows you to give a name to each of these leagues. It's the name that you gave your league in Strat Planner that you should now enter into your Strat Draft profile. If the same name is used for more than one league in Strat Planner you may not get the correct results.  You can find the league name information in Strat Planner under Options, then hovering over the grayed Profile button you'll see the button "My Leagues" appear which you can then press to see your leagues.

Enter Strat Draft's username/password in Strat Planner

In Strat Planner press the Options button which will bring you to the Profile page on which you can enter your Strat Draft username and password..  Your Strat Planner username/password along with the information you enter here must match your Strat Draft account or the feature won't work.  If you are syncing multiple Strat Draft accounts with a single Strat Planner account you must change the Strat Draft username and password here in Strat Planner each time you change the Strat Draft account being synced.

Optionally track every team in your league

Sure it's great to see the rating of every player in the draft brought directly to you, but you might be missing the best part of Strat Planner.  There's a ton of great features in Strat Planner to keep track of depth charts, team strengths, and game day tactics.  If your league keeps track of team rosters in Strat Draft you can easily bring all that information into Strat Planner. First you must enter the names of the teams you wish to track in Strat Planner exactly as entered in Strat Draft.  When you press the Sync Rosters with SP button all of the players in Strat Draft will be placed onto the correct team in Strat Planner.  Even if your league does not track rosters in Strat Draft you can still easily enter the rosters through several methods in Strat Planner itself.

All the Strat Planner columns are still blank on the draft page

If the Strat Planner columns are empty it can be that no players are defined as "in league".  You can do so in Strat Planner under Players -> Add & Remove, or using the import/export feature under Players -> Import/Export.  Also Strat Planner data is only available for Standard Players and not for Auxiliary Players.

A few players but not all still don't show Strat Planner data

If some players have data in the Strat Planner columns while others do not, you can check the following.  1) Make sure the player is defined as "in league" in Strat Planner. 2) Only Standard Players will have Strat Planner data. In some retro years there are some Standard Players which don't have Strat Planner data.

I changed Strat Planner but it didn't show the changes in Strat Draft
Once the Strat Planner data has been loaded into Strat Draft you may need to log off Strat Draft before you see new Strat Planner data loaded.

How do I change the rating system to either OPS, RC/G or RP/G?
The rating system must be changed in Strat Planner for the specific league for which you are requesting data.  Do this in Stat Planner by pressing Options which will then bring you to the profile page.  On that profile page change the rating system with "Default Batting Formula".  You can also control whether the ratings fielding is tabulated into the ratings with "Adjust for Fielding".

I'm having difficulty syncing multiple Strat Draft accounts
- You can sync up to three Strat Draft accounts with one Strat Planner account.  All information that you either enter into Strat Planner or get from Strat Planner is in your primary Strat Planner league.  If in Strat Planner Options you see the text in red that is shown in picture below then you are not in your primary league.

- Be sure to enter the username from your primary Strat Planner league into Strat Draft.  Do not enter the system generated username you find in additional leagues you created.

- When you enter your Strat Draft username and password into Strat Planner, enter it into the Options your primary league and not the Options screen displayed when you are in a league other than the primary.

- When you sync a Strat Draft league with Strat Planner, the username/password of the Strat Draft league must be in Options of the primary Strat Planner league.  Thus when you wish to sync a different Strat Draft league you will need to change the Strat Draft username/password in Strat Planner Options as described above.