Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I've signed up, where do I start?

A player is eligible in our draft and I've been unable to eliminate him from the draft.

There are no players to be drafted when I click on Draft Batters or Draft Pitchers.

Some players are incorrectly listed on teams and I can't them to fix them.

I set up the player to be drafted in autodraft but it didn't draft him.

Our draft is due to begin at a specific time. How/where can I assign that as our start time, thereby kicking off our timed draft?

A player is in our league and I've been unable to get rid of him.

If I sign up for 1 year, does that allow me to reset and run multiple drafts?

Why are some players are listed on two teams?

How can I import directly from the the Strat-O-Matic game into Strat Draft?

Does this draft site allow you to enter or draft players NOT in the Strat-O-Matic list of players?

How can I renew my current subscription?

I drafted the wrong person.

I lost my username or password.